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Our Goal is to Save Women's Lives!

According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 21,900 new cases of ovarian cancer and 15,460 deaths due to the disease per year. 80% of those are already in the later stages. It’s time for a change!

Message From Marli - Ovarian Cancer

2nd Annual Message From Marli Birthday Event
Saturday, August 18th, 2012
Where: Smith & Wollensky/South Beach

Last Saturday we hosted our Melanie College Send Off/ Marli Birthday Tribute at Smith & Wollensky on the beach. We hosted the event on the entire second floor with beautiful views of Fisher Island. Delicous hors d'oeuvres were served to our guests, wine, and Marli martinis. After the cocktail reception, guests ejoyed a unique presentation given by fine painter, Christopher Still, of his travels to Cuba and all over Florida capturing the history through his art. Melanie spoke of her new journey to UPenn where she will continue her work with Message From Marli. Thank you to all of our friends and family for their continuous & unwavering support! Special thank you to our main sponsors, Republic National Distributing Company, Brown-Forman and Smith & Wollensky. A warm & heartfelt thanks goes to Christopher Still for taking time out of his very busy schedule ( AND Congratulations Melanie!!!!!


She is leaving to Philadelphia on Sunday. She will be heading the NorthEast Chapter of the foundation! - at Smith & Wollensky. Fine Painter Christopher Still with the Caudle Family. - at Smith & Wollensky.
Mason Wolff with Marli's Parents Larry & Karen Bruener! Her parents live near us and are an integral part of our day to day lives! - at Smith & Wollensky. Head Teal Turtle Louis Ciminio, Lee Bray, Carolos Gomez, and FIU Head Men's Soccer Coach Ken Arena attended ! - at Smith & Wollensky.