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Our Goal is to Save Women's Lives!

According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 21,900 new cases of ovarian cancer and 15,460 deaths due to the disease per year. 80% of those are already in the later stages. It’s time for a change!

Message From Marli - Ovarian Cancer

2nd Annual Miles For Marli Stafford Park Walk
Sunday, March 4, 2012

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The 2nd Annual Miles for Marli took place January 28th at Stafford Park. It could not have been more of a success! Over 500 friends, family, and MFM Supporters came out to show their powerful support!

The event was kicked off by Marli herself. She delivered a powerful message over the phone to all the guests. She started off by expressing her gratitude to all for everyone's continuous support. She then spoke of the importance of Marli's "real" message, which is to spread awareness of ovarian cancer and stop this "scourge" from affecting another woman's life.

The Miami Springs community played a big part in making this event so heartfelt. Thank you Miami Springs Mayor, Zavier Garcia for attending so many of our events and being an MFM believer! A special thanks goes to the Miami Springs Optimist Club for their delicious cooking and continuous support throughout the year! MFM would also like to thank DJ Frankie Bravo for donating his time, for being a wonderful friend and neighbor, and for his amazing support. Thank you Jorge from SAVE-A-STEP for donating all of the beverages! All students, teachers, parents, and friends from Blessed Trinity Catholic School did a wonderful job in demonstrating their love and support. Marli loved the yellow shirts, they were very touching! A special thanks also goes to Mrs. Doyle from Miami Springs Senior High School and Anchor Club sponsor for her hard work and for ALWAYS rallying up support from her students! Thank you Mrs. Donna Bray for ALWAYS helping MFM and for gaining support from your school! A special thank you also goes to A+Tutoring for their delicious baked goods for their love and support! And lastly but never forgotten is the unyielding love and constant support from our MFM friends and family!

High school students from all over South Florida attended and collected pledges for Miles for Marli. The enthusiasm and young spirit from all students was undeniable and made for a powerful event. Young ladies and their moms learned about ovarian cancer, making Marli's message reach multi-generations!

Message From Marli would like to give a special thanks to NBC 6 News Anchor Willard Shepard and his family for helping us spread the message and for being such great supporters!

We cannot wait for Next Year!

NBC 6 News Anchor, Willard Shepard with Message From Marli Co-Founder Melanie Wolff
MFM gives a special thanks to Mr. Shepard and his family for all of their support!

Miami Springs Mayor, Zavier Garcia and his family
MFM gives a special thanks to the mayor for his unyielding support!

Miles for Marli Tent

Miles for Marli Tent

Melanie walking with family and high school friends

High school Teenagers!

Women walking with their Teal Shirts!

Melanie with her Ronald Reagan High School Friends!
High School Ladies! Miami Springs Optimist Club Food Tent
A very warm and heartfelt thanks goes to them for all of their support and delicious food. MFM could not be more grateful!
Everyone raved about the delicious ribs! Miles for Marli food line. Everyone left with full tummies!
Thank you Mrs. Grace Bain and Mrs. Silva for their hard work!
University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center Counselor, Judy and her family
Thank you for all of your help Judy from the Wolff family!
Our awesome DJ Frankie Bravo, Twilight Productions.
Thank you Frankie for your generosity and for your support!
Miami Springs Senior High School girls dancing! Miami Springs Senior High School girls dancing
Jorge De Cardenas, Owner of SAVE-A-STEP, in a stylish chef outfit
Special thank you Jorge for providing all of the water and sodas!
High School Ladies with their MFM wristbands!
Mrs. Doyle, Miami Springs Senior High School Teacher and Anchor Club Sponsor
A very special thanks from MFM for your wonderful support and yummy baked goods!
Miami Springs Senior High School Anchor Club Baked Goods Tent!
Kids played with balloons and MFM tent with crayons! Girls playing on the monkey bars!
MIles for Marli Luminary, 18 ft, long! Miles for Marli Luminary
Special messages to Marli from her inspired students! Miles for Marli Luminar
Blessed Trinity Catholic School teachers, friends, and students specially made shirts for Marli! Blessed Trinity Catholic School teachers, friends, and students specially made shirts for Marli!
Special Marli yellow shirts group picture! A+ Tutoring Services Baked Goods Tent
Special thanks from MFM for your wonderful support!
Over 500 people attended throughout the day! High School Ladies
Bruener Family Picture
Caudle Family Picture Ernesto Gonzalez and Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Jillian Gonzalez
DJ Frankie Bravo and his beautiful little girl Bella Jackie Bravo and beautiful baby Bianca
Jacob and Marley Caudle wearing MFM Shirts! High School Ladies
Lisa and Louie Cimino, Marathoners for Marli Teal Turtle Coach
Lisa and Louie ran the ING marathon the next day as Teal Turtles!
A few of the chefs of the day!
Melanie and Francesca Miami Springs Senior High School Medical Hawks Club President, Fernanda Chow, did an Ovarian Cancer information presentation
Students from DECA Club for Business, sporting their MFM teal wristbands! High School Students!
Family Picture Willard Shepard and step-son with MFM Event Coordinator Claudia Rey
Tainna Paranzino, Executive Director of Commnity Media and Diana Sanchez Lovely Ladies working the Food Tent
Thank you for all your hard work!
Young girls! Melanie and friends!
Miami Springs Senior High School Anchor Club wearing Teal Ribbons!
Thank you Anchor Club for all of your support!