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According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 21,900 new cases of ovarian cancer and 15,460 deaths due to the disease per year. 80% of those are already in the later stages. It’s time for a change!

Message From Marli - Ovarian Cancer

MFM/Optimist Club Fishing Tournament & Community Fish Fry
Saturday, July 14th, 2012
This past Saturday we co-promoted with the local Optimist Club and had 30 boats fishing the tourney. Special thank you to Tim Lycke of Incredible Fish, Inc. They provide HUGE logistical support that makes the tournament so attractive to many of the local anglers. We had two weigh stations, one 30 miles down south at Black Point Marina (MFM) and one on the circle in Miami Springs. A huge community fish fry took place on the circle afterwards with live band and awards presentations. Other Optimist Club Members who gave countless hours to the project include: Tony Silva, Bill Tallman, Grace Bain, Gisela Kelly, Robert Vico, Bill Daley, George Lob and so many more. In addition, Roxana Garciga of National Republic Distributing Company (NRDC) for providing spirits for this event and so many others! Lastly, thanks to the South Florida community for such a successful event.


Biggest fish caught for the day! Many MFM fans are not anglers and are all over the United States and internationally. These are "dolphin" or what you would eat in a restaurant known as "mahi-mahi" or "Dorado." We do not catch and eat FLIPPER!! Anglers at Black Point Marina bringing fish in for weigh in.....Big thanks to Mark and Irene of Incredible Fish. A tournament of this magnitude only happens with lots of volunteers!
Melanie was on hand at the fish fry to give our tourney winners their prizes!