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Message From Marli - Ovarian Cancer

Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney at Smoke On The Water Cigar Bar, Weston Town Center Mall
Saturday, March 24, 2012
The Poker Tournament benefiting the Jason Taylor Foundation, Message From Marli, and S.I.D.E.S was a wonderful success this Saturday! The tournament took place at Smoke on the Water, a cigar bar in Weston. There were 14 professional poker tables all around the terrace with a spectacular view of the lake. Jack Daniels provided a complimentary VIP bar for all the poker players to enjoy all night. The tournament was run by no other than Steve Martin, the "POKER KING"! Everyone enjoyed seeing Jason Taylor, who came out to play poker! DJ Irie from the Miami Heat played great music all night. There was a winner from each table who got to take home a couple of prizes. Congratulations to Zach, the final winner!! He won a one-of-a-kind handmade bracelet, a handmade poker table, and more! Thank you to all the committee members who made this night such a success for the 2nd year in a row! We can't wait for next year!


Jason Taylor! He was so kind, took pictures with everyone! The table Jason Taylor was playing at! Lori Sedaka, last year's WINNER only woman player!
David Lister (S.I.D.E.S) getting a massage! Midtown Athletic Club provided a massage therapist for all the players! Steve Strumpf, General Manager at Midtown Athletic Club, playing in the VIP room!
Chris Baetzal, professional dealer with Robinson Brown IV the leader of the poker tournament committee.
MFM gives a big thank you to Robinson!
Jason Taylor with one of our committee members, Catherine Radulic, Vanted Solutions. — with Catherine Radulic.
Fred Succo, Owner of Woody's and Marc Wolff.
Fred was the winner of his table and played in the final round, Congratulations!
Crowd enjoying themselves!
Ladies who attended the event! DJ Irie from the Miami Heat and Marc Wolff
Fred Succo, winner of his table! Marc Wolff and Jason Taylor
Final Table! This year's winner, Zach with last year's winner Lori Sedaka holding the winning bracelet!
Thank you Hal Hammel, Logodoro, for making this beautiful bracelet!
Zach and Lori wearing their winner bracelet!