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According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 21,900 new cases of ovarian cancer and 15,460 deaths due to the disease per year. 80% of those are already in the later stages. It’s time for a change!

Message From Marli - Ovarian Cancer

Spin-a-thon - Midtown Athletic Club
Message From Marli Spin-a-thon - Midtown Athletic Club
Friday evening, February 18, 2011

The Midtown staff outdid themselves on Friday evening the 18th. Over 30 members participated and the stationary bikes were set out lakeside at sunset. PERFECT WEATHER.

Melanie Wolff participated on the ride and was at the front of the class with the instructors. She spoke quite eloquently after the ride to everyone in attendance. They put on a high-energy show for two hours! A variety of instructors led the way and, when the energy was just right, would jump off their bikes and put on a DANCE SHOW. The participants were kept hydrated and enjoyed baked ziti, garlic rolls, and wine after the ride. Everyone left with a Midtown goodie bag and T-shirt. Numerous raffle gifts were also given away, including a TREK bicycle and a sizeable Romero Britto work of art. Midtown rocks!

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